Hub City Stompers – “Life After Death”

Album Reviews | Jan 16th, 2015

Record Label: Stubborn Records
Genre: Ska

After a year or so merging with/reforming Inspecter 7, the Hub City Stompers are back with the aptly titled “Life After Death”.

While Inspecter 7 and the Hub City Stompers have roots on the same musical tree, the Hub City Stompers branched off into their own thing when I7 became more of a part time gig. The bands have somewhat of a similar sound, but the HCS had an edgier sound mixing in punk and oi with a faster, darker two tone ska sound. Personally, I preferred the HCS sound because of the other musical influences scattered throughout their albums although I was a big fan of the reformed Inspecter 7 album…mainly because it sounded a lot like a Hub City Stompers album more or less. Where does “Life After Death” fit into the mix? As a pretty damn good Hub City Stompers album.

As I mentioned earlier, the variety of sounds if prevalent throughout this album…you have your faster punk infused songs like “Benny Bash” and “Pants Music”…and then there’s the psycho ska stuff such as “Untouchable”, “Shallowed Be” and “Dirty Dozen”. One also cannot forget something that the HCS can do well but are oft times overlooked for…their classic ska songs. Some of the best tracks on this album are traditional and two tone influenced songs such as “Lifeline”, “Black Claddagh”, “The Take Back” and “Imperial”.

“Life After Death” is an eclectic ska punk mix with everything that makes the Hub City Stompers great…and then some. It just feels right to have the Hub City Stompers back and better than ever. The variety, dry humor and wit are there and when you top that off with the musical craftsmanship and talent of the HCS you are bound to get one hell of an album…which “Life After Death” most certainly is. I’m glad that they have risen from the dead…hopefully for good this time.

Bottom Line: Everything that one could ask for in a new Hub City Stompers release. They haven’t seemed to miss a beat since the Inspecter 7 incident.
Notable Tracks: Pants Music, Black Claddagh, The Take Back, Dirty Dozen, Untouchable, Blood Orgy
Overall Rating:


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