Ian Jones – “The Evergreens”

Album Reviews | Oct 20th, 2021

Ian Jones - "The Evergreens"

Record Label: Thin Silver Records
Band link: https://www.ianjonesmusic.com/

The title track is a hauntingly mournful longing for the simple life the narrator left behind to pursue his dreams-but it is also hopeful.

“Born Again Sinner” applies the sounds and narratives of western outlaw tropes to a truly intriguing song. Jones continues with this motif on the decidedly upbeat “Liars, Criminals, Beggars and Thieves,” which will make you want to sing on in unison with such crooked enterprises. “Hallelujah,” despite its dulcet tones, might be the low point of the album, with some rather cliched lines about praising just about everything.

Ditto for “Promised Land.” Fortunately, Jones has a surprise in store with the album closer “Last Call,” which is toe-tapping fun—and an invitation to his future endeavors.

Available Oct. 22.

Notable Tracks: Evergreens, Last Call, Born Again Sinner
Overall Rating:


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