Isotopes – “1994 World Series Champions”

Album Reviews | Mar 20th, 2017

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Pop Punk/Baseball Punk
Band Link: Isotopes on Facebook
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Baseball punk rockers the Isotopes are back with their sophomore effort titled “1994 World Series Champions”.

This release picks up where “Nuclear Strikezone” left off…with fun, fast paced Ramones-esque punk rock set to various baseball themes as well as some horror punk elements. Songs like “Psycho At The Sandlot” talks about Smalls snapping and killing all of the kids on the sandlot that made fun of him while “Gold Scorpion Gun” tells the tale of Jose Conseco shooting off his middle finger.

Fans of bands like Teenage Bottlerocket and Screeching Weasel will most definitely enjoy the Isotopes. As I mentioned before, they have a catchy pop punk sound that is heavy on guitar riffs, strong bass lines and a solid drum backbone. Start working hard to get drafted as one of their fans right now!

Bottom Line: Fun baseball-themed pop punk in vein of the Ramones and Teenage Bottlerocket.
Notable Tracks: Rochelle Rochelle, Psycho At The Sandlot, Rule 21, Morganna, D.O.A.
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