James Digirolamo – “Paper Boats”

Album Reviews | Jun 9th, 2021

James Digirolamo - "Paper Boats"

Record Label: (Self-released)
Genre: Folk/Jam

James DiGirolamo has spent many a year as a backup musician for other arts, but with Paper Boats he takes center stage with a new EP.

“Same Boat” is jammy and laid-back, which segues nicely into the tender and jazzy “The Girl Who Has Everything,” wherein the narrator must figure out what gift he still might be able tender to his love (hint, it’s something from the heart and might sound good on coming out of her speakers). “Sail Away” is warm, if light, and then comes the decidedly optimistic “Pure Joy,” which is breezily psychedelic-sounding.

“Top of the World” is the album’s winner, what with its pleasing chord progressions and lyrics that are a paean to love and, well, just feeling good—which is something we can all use right about now. DiGirolamo closes out the EP with jazz once again for “On Paper.”

DiGirolamo shows that he digs deep into his own psyche to capture a feeling, and he isn’t afraid to take musical chances to share it with us.

Notable Tracks: Top of the World, The Girl Who Has Everything, Pure Joy
Overall Rating:


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