Joe Strummer & The Mecaleros “Streetcore”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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I’m still upset about Joe Strummer’s passing but one thing that will live on will be his great music. Joe passed while making this album, and the rest of his band mates finished up the unfinished cuts and production on this CD. This album is ten times better than Mr. Strummer’s previous album “Global A Go Go” and the tracks are more rock, dub and reggae like from the X Ray Style album. “Streetcore” starts off with a bang with the track “Coma girl,” which is easily the best tune on the album and probably the best song I heard from Strummer in awhile. It’s really catchy and has a awesome beat to it. “Get Down Moses” is another track that demonstrates Strummer’s wide range of style and is a reggae/dub song. Some tracks sound like Johnny Cash, which I think Joe Strummer wrote the track “Long Shadow” for Johnny Cash? He covers Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” and he sounds like Cash in that song too. I heard they might be more rare tracks from Joe out there and that there might be another new album soon, and I think the really cool thing that should be done is all the musicians that Strummer worked with should contribute on the album like Shane MacGowan or get all the people that played “London Calling” at the Grammys last year. I’m seeing a lot of reviews out there that are giving this album awesome reviews, and I think it’s a combination of honoring Strummer but I also think this album is that good. Get it!

Bottom Line: Makes this album go quadruple platinum in honor of Mr. Joe Strummer!
Notable Tracks: “Coma Girl” “Get Down Moses” Redemption Song” “Burning Streets” “Silver and Gold”
Overall Rating: