John Brown’s Body – “Fireflies”

Album Reviews | Sep 20th, 2016

Record Label: Easy Star Records
Genre: Reggae
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“Fireflies” is the latest release from Boston/New York based reggae rockers John Brown’s Body. Their latest release sees the band taking another step forward towards world domination through reggae music.

The sounds found on “Fireflies” are a great mix of the hard reggae/dub sound that fans of the band are familiar with already as well as some throwback sounds going back to the days of early rocksteady and reggae. “Hard Man Fe Dead” sounds so much like a classic rocksteady tune that you’ll swear that you’ve heard it before while the disco mix of “Pure Fire” sounds like something direct from the Bob Marley “Burnin’” sessions. Add on top of that the smooth delivery of Elliot Martin who has a unique voice and vocal style that helps to distinguish the band from others.

Diversity is something that JBB always strives for. Tracks like “Badman” and “Like A Queen” blend elements of traditional reggae and dancehall while the funky horn-heavy riffs on “High Grade” and soulful sounds of “New Fashion” will have you hitting the dancefloor in no time. Don’t forget to take a lady or guy friend with you!

“Fireflies” is a solid album from start to finish. The band’s sound has been described as “future roots reggae” and I can see their sound carrying on for quite some time into the future. Not only are the song writing and musical craftsmanship on another level but the band’s constant push to implement new aspects to their repertoire, as well as their penchant for being one of the hardest working bands in the industry, help them to stand out in a genre that has received a recent popularity push. I have not yet been disappointed with a JBB album and “Fireflies” is one of the best of them all.

Bottom Line: Yet another excellent release from one of the premier reggae bands in the business today. Following up “Kings And Queens” was a daunting task but “Fireflies” exceeds those expectations with an amalgamation of island sounds that will appease every rastas ears.
Notable Tracks: New Fashion, High Grade, Hard Man Fe Dead, Like A Queen
Overall Rating:


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