John Debney- “Predators”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 6th, 2010

Record Label: La La Land Records
Genre: Film Score

Predators, the much anticipated sequel that arrived in theaters this summer, with the score by Composer John Debney is about an alien planet of Predators who are out to prey their victims. A group of elite killers are dropped into this weird, unknown planet to test their knowledge and physicality against these intense and dangerous species. Picking up the pieces from where original composer Alan Silvestri left off, John Debney delivers an action packed score.

24 tracks makes up this film score soundtrack and it features mostly fast paced, and exciting action cues that will make the listener’s heart race as if they were watching the movie. The problem with a score like this, there’s no breathing time to enjoy the music. It’s just a get up and go type of score, featuring loud, boisterous cues with heavy percussion and horns that just creates suspense. Sure, the score does it’s job but it’s not as enjoyable to listen to without the accompaniment of the film.

Bottom Line: John Debney fans will want this for their collection but the avid film score listener will probably be stressed out listening to this.
Notable Tracks: Not of this Earth, Predator Attack, Stan’s Last Stand, Let’s Get Off This Planet
Overall Rating:


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