John Debney & Tony Morales – “Hatfields & McCoys”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 27th, 2012

Record Label: Silva Screen Records
Genre: Film Score
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Hatfields & McCoys was the big 3 day mini-series event on History Channel that was nominated for a bunch of Emmys (and won some too!). The mini-series starred Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, and it was about the infamous Hatfields and McCoys feud that lasted decades.

The score was composed by Tony Morales and John Debney, who has scored such movies like The Scorpion King, Passion of the Christ, Iron Man 2 and my favorite from his work, Elf. His latest is something that seems a bit different than what he’s normally known for.

The score is a mostly twangy, guitar-driven score with lots of female “ooohsss” over the top of it. That part of it is a little bit overdone. The bluegrass, gospel sound is very fitting for the series though. Not every track is good but for the most part, this is a decent, lightweight Western score. Even if you don’t like film scores and like bluegrass, this might be something to listen to.

Bottom Line: a nice Western score that overdoes it a bit with the singing over the tracks
Notable Tracks: Theme, Blood Ride, Vengeance Train, Long Cloaked Riders
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