John Paesano – “The Maze Runner”

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The Maze Runner Album Review

Record Label: Sony Classical
Genre: Film Score
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The Maze Runner is the latest movie based on a Young Adult book. The basic premise of the movie is that a young teenager wakes up with no memory of the outside world. He’s stuck in some maze thing that can be deadly, and his main goal is to escape it. Sounds pretty basic I suppose.

It looked decent based on the trailer but those can be deceiving, plus the fact that the movie is being released in September doesn’t really bode well. In any event, the movie will be out soon, as well as the film score by John Paesano. I’m not familiar with his work yet but I think he’s mainly done some TV scores like Dreamworks Dragons, Crisis, and Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas.

“The Maze Runner” is the first track, and works as the main theme of the score. It’s a highlight for me because it gets you in the mood to see the movie. There’s a memorable melody in there that is played sparingly throughout the score. The next batch of songs is kind of quiet and not all that exciting like the first track. Things start to pick up again for “Into the Maze.” Lots of tracks from this point on or suspenseful or really quiet, or sometimes action packed (as far as music goes). While the opening track had an epic theme, the rest of the score is somewhat entertaining. Chalk this one up to being probably more enjoyable to listen to while watching the movie than a stand-alone score.

Bottom Line: Some excellent tracks and other tracks that weren’t that exciting
Notable Tracks: The Maze Runner, Into the Maze, Final Fight, Finale
Overall Rating:


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