John Williams “American Journey”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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John Williams released this CD right before the Winter Olympics. The reason for that is because he composed the theme to the that Olympics and previous ones as well. This theme has a grand chorus on hand and it sounds like they are chanting “Orange Juice, Grape Juice, Prune Juice.” Maybe that’s just me though. Besides having Olympics songs on here, Williams included the New Years Eve 2000 celebration piece he wrote for Spielberg’s movie on the 20th Century. It’s broken up into different parts. Some of the songs are better than others. Other songs included on this Misc. songs Cd are the theme to NBC Nightly News and “For New York,” which is a variation of themes of Leonard Bernstein. My favorite track on here is part of the 2000 Celebration called “Popular Entertainment.” It sounds like Aaron Copeland’s “Hoedown” song. Fans of John Williams will love this CD. I can’t wait to see him play in Boston Mass. after Memorial Day.

Bottom Line: yes of course
Notable Tracks: Popular Enertainment
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