John Williams “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Williams gets some help this time around because of his busy schedule this year, but it sounds like this is mostly John Williams anyway. I heard rumors that the producers and John Williams didn’t like Ross’ adaptation so they had to bring in John Williams to score most of the film. Anyway, this score might be better than the first score, still debating. far, the best track is “Fawkes The Phoenix.” It’s probably one of my favorite Williams’ themes now. It’s so beautifully done and it’s very enjoyable to listen to. New themes are developed and are expanded from the first movie. Voldermort’s theme is the one that gets played more in the songs now and I like that a lot because it’s a dark, disturbing theme but works well and it’s recognizable. Another new theme is Gilderoy Lockhart’s. Which is very Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadeish. Overall, I’m very happy with this score and I think it’s a great follow up to last year’s score to Harry Potter.

Bottom Line: Better than the first HP score. New themes are really well composed.
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