Johnny and the Seagulls – “Aloha From Frowntown”

Album Reviews | Sep 29th, 2022

Johnny and the Seagulls - "Aloha From Frowntown"
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Record Label: Small Batch Records
Genre: Tropical Rock
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Speaking of our pal Jeff Hulett, he’s somehow had time to record a second late-summer album in concert with some other musicians on what might be the ultimate album to take on your next cruise to the Caribbean.

“Head Toward the Sunset” is a toe-tapping tune that would make Jimmy Buffett and his Parrotheads quite happy. “It ain’t safe here on the land,” the merry band sings, inviting you along for the party—and second track “Nippers” keeps the shindig rolling along rather merrily. “Pina Colada Flavored Memories” will have you reaching for a cold tropical drink—or a second—before the song even concludes. “Frowntown” is not a place I’d choose to go, but down a few more pina coladas and you’ll be happy to be there along with this musical crew.

“Tropical Depression” provides a double metaphor about both the nasty weather phenomenon (here’s sending our thoughts to everyone affected by Hurricane Ian!) as well as the blue dog that visits even the best of us from time to time; it’s perhaps the disc’s best songs, what with its insights and melodic interpretations. “Turks and Caicos” features a killer steel drum that instantly brought me back to memories of lounging in Jamaica. “rum,” with its letters lowercase on purpose, is a hopping-good time that all but begs for a game of limbo to break out. “Old as the Sea” is a suitable end to this fun album, which is deeper than it might seem at first glance—one might say, deeper than the ocean itself.

Notable Tracks: Tropical Depression, rum, Head Toward the Sunset, Pina Colada Flavored Memories, Old as the Sea
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