Jukebox 101 – “EP 1”

Album Reviews | By on Jan 7th, 2016

Jukebox 101 EP 1

Record Label: Rare Breed Recording Company
Genre: Soul/Reggae
Band Link: www.jukebox101.net
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Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites has been doing some side projects from time to time in between Aggrolites stuff. His latest is a soul, reggae (and other styles) band called Jukebox 101 with fellow bandmate Jeff Roffredo. The album is being offered for free on Rare Breed Recording Company so that’s always cool to see. Free music…and it’s good too!

The EP is like an old jukebox, there’s a lot of variety in the 5 songs. The first song “Don’t Wait Too Long” is an oldie-sounding soul song, and the next track “Dream I Had Of You” is in an early reggae style. “I Believe” is a stand-out track because it’s just straight up American soul. I’ve been trying to look up to see if it’s a cover song because it sounds familiar yet can’t find anything on it. It’s quite an impressive song or cover and makes me want to hear a full-length album of Jesse singing soul music. The last song “Hook Line” is fun too. It’s sort of a cross between honky tonk country western and 50’s rockabilly. It’s even got a Yakey Sax type of solo in the middle of the song. Funny enough, the reggae songs are my least favorite but they still sound good. I just like the fact that Jesse is singing different styles and would like to hear more of that.

Bottom Line: Jesse and Jeff need to do a full-length album!
Notable Tracks: Don’t Wait Too Long, I Believe, Hook Line
Overall Rating:


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