Just Jack “Overtones”

Album Reviews | Jul 8th, 2007

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Record Label: Mercury Records
Genre: R&B
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Just Jack is all a-buzz in England, where Elton John has proclaimed him his favorite hip hop artist (I guess the honeymoon with Eminem is over…).

Just Jack actually isn’t exactly rap or hip hop – this is mainly r&b/pop with lyrics that are half-rapped, half-sung in a disinterested British voice that’s devoid of urban edge, but relaxing in a 70s sleazy kind of way.

The tunes are slow, steady, thick r&b grooves with heavy funk and disco elements. The music drips with an after-party, tired-but-drugged-out-and-still-want-to-dance vibe, and a sort of cheesy, funk-pop sexiness that would make Justin Timberlake wet his panties.

This isn’t my genre – nothing will clear me out of a room faster than the funk-r&b-pop combination, but one good thing about this genre is that it draws in the ladies. My wife even started shaking her booty during this album. That’s worth a few stars.

You go, Just Jack. Do your lame funk shtick and turn on the pretty ladies. And Elton John.

Bottom Line: A British Justin Timberlake dropping some skeezy grooves.
Notable Tracks: Writer’s Block, I Talk Too Much
Overall Rating: