Kevin Nealon – “Whelmed..But Not Overly”

Album Reviews | By on Jun 16th, 2013

Record Label: New Wave Dynamics
Genre: Comedy
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Former SNL Weekend Update anchor Kevin Nealon is back with a new stand-up album. When Nealon was on Weekend Update, his jokes were hit or miss and the same can be said for his stand up as well. But for the most part, Whelmed..But Not Overly will offer up plenty of chuckles if you’re a fan.

Kevin Nealon’s style isn’t necessarily laugh out loud and I think he even knows that. He’s always been the type to deliver subtle funny jokes, and then quickly move on without even waiting for laughter or clapping. Then maybe 5 minutes will go by and you’ll find yourself laughing at that joke that flew by.

This felt like one half stand-up act, and the other half felt like spoken word. You just listen to him talk and tell stories. One particularly story that I’ve heard him say before, either on another stand-up special, this one, or on a talk show is about how he crop-dusted Jack Nicholson. It’s quite funny and Nicholson deserved it! Another funny story is how he was constipated and had to call up a girl he was dating, to pick up an enema for him. If she’s willing to do that, you know she’s a keeper!

Bottom Line: Nealon’s latest album has its moments
Notable Tracks: Messing with Cops, Celebrity Crop-dusting, Shrink Wrapped Enemas
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