Kicked In The Head “Thick as Thieves”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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As the Cd entered my stereo I wondered what I should be expecting and I really didn’t know. What I got was phenomenal deep, down, and dirty skacore. After listening to this Cd, I’ve come to the conclusion that Kicked In The Head is one of the best acts to come out of Boston besides The Bosstones of course. You definitely get what you pay for when you buy this album even though I got it for free. Thick as Thieves as intense as a Cd can get. If you don’t play air guitar or air drums while listening to this album you have a serious problem. I’ve seen Kicked In The Head live in Boston before and they put on a show that bands from major labels put on. I didn’t know what to expect on their album though and it is much more than I ever thought it would be. The first song of the Cd”The Witness” starts off intense, and to Kicked In The Head’s credit they keep that intensity throughout the whole album. Dicky Barrett was seen at their last show in Boston before tour, and if Dicky things you’re dope ‘ya gotta be pretty damn good. Gary Hedrick, Jr. the lead singer of the band has a very unique voice that fits into the bands sound very well. The horns of Kicked In The Head can definitely be compared to those of the Bosstones. They are strong, intense, and make the whole album into a skacore showcase. Some of the songs that are must listens include Breakdown, Deep, Down and Dirty, and In Trouble Again. Keep your eyes on Kicked In The Head before you know it they will be climbing up the skacore ladder. Kicked In The Head is Gary Hedrick, Jr. (vocals) , M. Rositano (trombone/vocals), Anthony Modano (drums/vocals), and

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