Kill Van Kull “Edge Of Sunrise”

Album Reviews | Jul 30th, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Arena Rock
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Kill Van Kull rock their little hearts out like it’s 1984. The pure cheese and 80s cliche of it is unintentionally hilarious, but their earnestness is a little sad. From reading their bio, you learn that the band did in fact begin in the early 80s but had to be put on hold. But the band never forgot their dreams and now they’re ready for the big time… and to one day play MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!

The first song is an area rocker in Enuff Z’Nuff fashion, with some Dio bite (“Hot Daze”). Then the acoustic arpeggios begin and the second track is vintage Queensryche ballad with passionate soloing (“Then You Were Gone”). “Through the Night” has some chunky riffs and a Ratt bad buy attitude.

The next song has a bluesy Deep Purple feel… all right, I’m gonna end it here. Suffice it to say, Kill Van Kull is not a model of modernity. But months of Guitar Hero have helped me appreciate this band’s ill-timed rockstar aspirations, and, honestly, they’re not inept at it. If Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow were still around, these guys could definitely be the second opener. So, Kill Van Kull, this is for you…

*fumbles with fingers*

*finally remembers how to make the devil horns*


Bottom Line: Wonderfully unironic.
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