Kingen “Ride With Me”

Album Reviews | May 20th, 2008

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Record Label: Black Cat Songs
Genre: Rock
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Kingen is a throwback to the American rock and roll that continues to inspire many a band to this day.

Everything about “Ride With Me” could be described as big. The instruments boom, the rock is raucous and the mood is rowdy. The piano-driven rock tracks would make Jerry Lee Lewis proud while the swing-inspired lounge tracks will have you looking for a martini, stat.

While many bands strive towards a throwback sound be it garage rock or rockabilly, I was surprised to hear such a throwback to soulful American rock and roll from a band that hails from Sweden. Sometimes, it seems that foreign bands know more about American music influences than American bands do themselves. (Yes, there was indeed music before Fall Out Boy.) This is certainly one of those cases. Keep on rockin’ Kingen, for all of those bands that don’t know how to rock.

Bottom Line: A great rock soundtrack inspired by everything that rock used to be about.
Notable Tracks: Ride With Me, I Don’t Want To Lose You, Mary-Ann
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