Kleveland “S/T”

Album Reviews | Jul 7th, 2007

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Record Label: In Music We Trust
Genre: Punk
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You get the sense that Kleveland wants to rock out, but they do just about everything wrong. The execution is restrained and boring, the production sludgy, and the songs are long. Worse, the extremely dull riffing and uninspired songwriting suck out whatever little energy this female-fronted punk trio has.

Singer and guitarist Stephanie Smith sounds like she’s holding back on both fronts: her vocals rarely conveys any real power, and the guitar lines are so dull, flat, and repetitive you wonder why she even bothers.

I tend to really like female-fronted punk, but Kleveland makes the boring, overrated Donnas sound like the Muffs. Mind-numbingly boring and nearly lacking anything worthwhile (Flat Tax is a decent song), Kleveland is a huge disappointment.

Bottom Line: They have potential, but have a long way to go to realize it.
Notable Tracks: Flat Tax
Overall Rating: