Knitting By Twilight – “An Evening Out Of Town”

Album Reviews | By on Dec 25th, 2008

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Lo-Fi/Ambient
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Minimalist percussion, lengthy chords on keys and guitars, and whispered/chanted vocals combine for atmospheric, arty lo-fi that’s equal parts ambient, creepy, and unbearably mundane.

At their best, various percussion/chimes/bells are kind of snazzy, especially when played with a little pep. At their worst, which is most of the time, long-held notes and over-the-top moodiness recreate the creepy accompaniment to bad contemporary art/video installations that my wife drags me to see.

They get an extra half star for good use of roto toms and timbales, but please, people – say no to pretentious filler.

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