Know The Score “All Time Low”

Album Reviews | Jun 25th, 2007

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Record Label: Eulogy Recordings
Genre: Hardcore
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Despite having a band name that falls under the dreaded ‘active verb – the – abstract noun’ setup, Know the Score, unlike Saves The Day, Bless The Fall, and countless other crappy ass bands, do not suck.

In fact, this is exactly what I want to hear after sitting through countless shitty promos. Once again, I know very little about hardcore, but I do know what I like. This is fast, tight, aggressive, and short, as all hardcore albums should be. Song lengths hover around about a minute, and they rip through 17 in under 15 minutes (with five minutes of silence before a secret song). I don’t listen to HC often, so when I do, I like it short and sweet, and Know the Score delivers. The vocalist has a good aggressive voice and is clear enough so that his lyrics are actually audible.

Additionally, the song God Damn Rich Cunt may be one of the most important and poignant messages for this, or any, generation. It gets through in roughly three seconds what most other bands can’t do in an entire career.

Know the Score? Well it’s this band 1, other crappy ass bands 0.

Bottom Line: Hardcore that even a wuss like me can enjoy.
Notable Tracks: God Damn Rich Cunt, $2000 Guarantee, Red Sox Nation My Ass,
Overall Rating: