Krokus – “Hoodoo”

Album Reviews | Oct 31st, 2010

Record Label: Sony Music
Genre: Hard Rock
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Believe it or not, I never heard music from Switzerland’s Krokus. The name sounded familiar but that’s about it. Krokus has been around since the mid-70s as a prog rock band. Now they are some sort of AC/DC clone, playing hard rock music and have been doing so for over 20 years.

Hoodoo would make for a kick-ass road trip album, with many songs driving/road related like the opening track “Drive It In,” a cover of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild,” “Ride Into The Sun,” and “Keep Me Rolling.” I guess I should have reviewed this album when this came out because I probably would have put some of those songs on my Road Trip Playlist that I wrote back in the spring.

The songs are rockin’, and the vocals make me nostalgic to listen to some classic rock and hair metal. It’s obvious that Marc Storace has a strikingly singing resemblance to AC/DC’s former singer Bon Scott. But after you look past that, Krokus still know how to rock (even though this is the first time I’m hearing them).

Bottom Line: After over 20 years or so, Krokus still knows how to bring the rock
Notable Tracks: Drive It In, Born to be Wild, Too Hot
Overall Rating:


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