KTP “Rockers”

Album Reviews | Jun 28th, 2007

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Record Label: Zero Youth Records
Genre: Punk/Oi
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KTP has done something that is just about unheard of…they’ve released two full-length albums in six months. Even though it’s a re-release of their self-titled album, it was still only released a year ago. “Rockers” is their second release on Zero Youth Records since January. This time around, KTP brings the noise, hardcore.

After their uninspiring self-titled release, KTP has decided to kick it into high gear and mix some hard rock and Oi into their repertoire. With “Rockers” the band has definitely broadened their approach and released that expansion is a good thing. The band also seems tighter and more inspired. I still hear the Swingin’ Utters in most of their songs but KTP is carving out their own niche.

“Rockers” kicks off with the hard rockin’ title track and never seems to let up as it makes its way through twelve punk rock diddies. “Outlaws” knocks you around with a sound reminiscent of a good ole’ fashioned Bouncing Souls sing-a-long while “Drunken Love” introduces you to an infectious piano-laden, punk/rock song with a great breakdown towards the end that lets just about every band member take a turn at doing a solo and then just kicks into a hard, Nirvana-esque riff. “Son of the Maestro” is a straight-ahead punk rock song and “Someday” is a well-written blues/folk inspired song about memories of the past and putting them behind you.

The difference between KTP’s self-titled album and “Rockers” is like night and day. Whereas before KTP seemed to be stuck in the punk rock rut that hundreds of sound-a-like bands get caught up in, now they seem to have put the burden of trying to impress the scenesters and faux punk rockers behind them and have opened the floodgates and let their musical influences shine through. And that my friends, provides us the listener with one hell of an album.

Bottom Line: This time around, instead of sounding like a Swingin’ Utters clone, KTP brings a sound all of their own to the table…and that sound really rocks my face.
Notable Tracks: Model Life, Outlaws, Drunken Love, Someday
Overall Rating: