Larry and His Flask – “Hobo’s Lament”

Album Reviews | Sep 15th, 2012

Record Label: Paper and Plastick Records
Genre: Bluegrass Punk
Band Link:

After seeing Larry and the Flask last weekend at Riot Fest, they are quickly becoming a band I have to listen to every day. With this new EP release, I got something else to wear down on my iPod now.

The bluegrass punk band from Oregon have a full length album out called All That We Know that came out in 2011. Hobo’s Lament is a 6 song EP that is slightly different than the predecessor. It’s the bluegrass/Americana punk that we know from them, but it seems like they have added that dixieland style into the forefront in a way. I love the bluegrass /Americana style but them playing that sped-up dixieland stuff sounds great!

Check out “Big Ride,” “Hobo’s Lament” and “So Long.” “Big Ride” is a fast bluegrass/rockabilly tune that has a little bit dixieland in there. Towards the end of that song I feel like doing the jitterbug. The title track is perhaps the best track on the album and also my favorite song that the band has ever done. Once it picks up, you just want to clap, kick about and dance like a schmuck. I can just picture the bassist going to town on that upright bass. The finger pickin’ guitars stand out on this entire EP as well. “Swing” is a fast tempo song that has some nice horns in it towards the end of the track. Kind of had a ska feeling to it, and that’s not just because there were horns playing. “So Long” is a slow swing/ lounge style song that stands out because it’s slower than the rest of the songs.

Fans of the group will definitely want to get this, even though it’s only 6 songs. This EP definitely makes you crave more songs from Larry and His Flask!

Bottom Line: Awesome follow-up to All That We Know
Notable Tracks: Big Ride, Hobo’s Lament, Swing, So Long
Overall Rating:


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