Lazy Album Reviews: May 2015

Album Reviews | May 18th, 2015

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I get too many albums to review sometimes. Rather than just have the albums collect dust in my apartment, I wrote a quick a little blurb for a bunch of albums I forgot or didn’t feel like writing about. Sorry to all the bands for getting the half-ass, lazy review treatment but whatever….here’s my lazy reviews for May 2015.

36? – Where Do We Go From Here?
Is this band name guessing my age? Because they are right!

Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – “Dietrich”
Singer sounds like he has a cold. Williamsburg hipster will probably love this.

Adios Mafia – “Hot Blooded American Awesome”
Punk rock and roll from NY. They’re more GG Allin than The Ramones and not in a good way.

A Hundred Years – “Altered Reality”
A prerequisite to listening to this is you have to be on shrooms.

Anchors – “Lost at the Bottom of the World”
Fast melodic punk from Australia. I got nothing witty to say, these guys are decent!

Annalibera – “Nevermind I Love You”
Nevermind, I don’t want to listen to this.

Automatic Seizure – “The Unseen Host”
I believe this was recorded in a microwave.

Bad Buka – “Through The Night”
Another Gogol Bordello clone but not as good.

Beware Fashionable Women – “Bird Park”
An indie rock type of band that has a few decent tracks. Sometimes they try to sound like Weezer a little bit.

Boids – “We Stalker Each Other Like Animals”
Montreal punk rock. It’s fast, angry but no songs about poutine.

Burning Condors – “Round Our Way”
British cowpunk with a raw sound. I can imagine these guys playing country bars in the UK except everyone would be sipping tea.

Cartoon Violence – “Tit For Tat”
Bouncy 2 tone ska that is making me realize I should have listened to this when I received the CD. Can’t do no wrong with music from Do the Dog!

Christian Lee Hutson – “Yeah Okay, I Know”
Singer/songwriter with some okay songs. I would have put on some different clothes for your album cover though. Sweatpants?

Christian Lopez Band – “Pilot”
Excellent and catchy Americana music. I’d listen to more of this. Vocals reminds me of Tim Warren of Alternate Routes a little.

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves – “Canyons”
Chris from Hot Water Music’s other band. Good Stuff!

Dolls on Fire – “Synesthesia”
I usually like synth pop but this band doesn’t do anything for me.

Donots – “Wake The Dogs”
Good punk rock and they’ve been around for awhile. No idea why I never heard of them. Hey, Frank Turner appears on the last track too!

Ed Kowalczyk – “The Flood and the Mercy”
If you like Live, then obviously you’ll appreciate this. I liked a handful of songs but that’s about it.

Effusion 35 – “Borrowed Time, Reluctant Rhymes”
Gritty recording, not exactly strong vocals but the music isn’t totally bad. It’s not good either.

Exit – “The Blind Alley”
Exit sound like Moody alt rock band. Better turn off the lights and light a candle, and have some deep thoughts about life and aliens.

Filmstrip – “Moments of Matter”
Mediocre indie rock that would probably be a hit with people that watch Girls.

Flatcat – “Heartless Machine”
Produced by Bill Stevenson so you know this is at least sounds good. Teenage Bottlerocket-ish punk rock. I Dig it! Buy it here.

Fried Goat – “Fried Goat”
I’ve reviewed this band 4 years ago and they were surprisingly good for a Twangy/Country kind of band. This album is more of the same. Although not sure I would listen to it all the time.

Frogbelly and Symphony – “Blue Bright Ow Sleep”
I have no idea what this.

From Below – “No Gods No Monsters”
Loud bluesy prog rock. Yeah that’s all you need to know. Next!

Generator Ohm – “Upon the Me Om I”
How do bands come up with these names? Band isn’t bad, just not something I would listen to.

Glimpse Trio – “Garage”
That’s how far behind I am. This band released another album after this. Oops, not missing much anyway.

Grabass Charlestons – “Dale & The Careeners”
Really dumb name but the music doesn’t reflect the name.

Gypsy Bed – “Secret City”
Spoken word poetry crap that you might hear in a coffee shop…and then decide to leave that coffee shop since someone is doing spoken word poetry.

Identical Homes – “A. HydroPhelia”
Moody electronic rock, perfect for wrist cutters and pill poppers.

Jack + Jill – “Coloradio”
Hippies hate water

Jack Jeffery – “Enlightened Horizon”
Warning: Must listen with shrooms to sound good.

Jerry Castle – “South Holston”
I swore I reviewed this already. Americana/Country rock that doesn’t sound bad..I guess.

Joe Grushecky – “Somewhere East of Eden”
This music sounds like it was in the movie Roadhouse.

Jonny Burke – “Distance and Fortune”
Bob Dylan-ish singer-songwriter. Vocals are kind of irritating at times.

Kirkwood Dellinger – “Gold”
This has dork written all over it.

Labor Camp – “Thru The Fence, Over The Hill…”
Pick a genre and stick with it. One minute you’re playing a Hillbilly song, the next you’re playing punk rock.

Livan – “Off The Grid”
Sounds a bit like Alice Cooper but a modern version…obviously not as good but decent if you like gloomy heavy metal.

Loomis Fargo Gang – “The Prettiest Shade of Blue”
Slow, folky Americana music that isn’t that interesting.

Mariana Bell – “Push”
Music isn’t bad but it’s not something I would listen to on an everyday basis or any day basis.

Matthias Sturm – “Blood and Thunder”
Just imagine listening to David Bowie in his weirdest phase, on the worst acid trip ever, and viola…Matthias Sturm.

Melt-Banana – “Fetch”
This album should have included knives so I could have stabbed my ears with them.

Modern Suits – “Every Light”
5 songs of alternative rock with no notable tracks to me.

Monks of Mellonwah – “Neurogenesis”
Mentioning MTV: The Real World in your bio isn’t helping things.

Moritat – “Clill Blanzin”
Not sure why I’m getting sent all these trippy rock bands but please stop.

Neulore – “Animal Evolve”
This band has been getting more and more famous with their single “Shadow of a Man.” Good stuff.

Nick Deutsch – “Crazy Ride”
1 out of 4 tracks was decent. The rest is meh.

No Excuse for A Cheap Suit – “Chain Reaction”
One of the many playing acoustic punk because they are too lazy to find a full band to perform with.

Rusty Belle – “Common Courtesy”
At least her name isn’t Rusty Trombone.

Ruth Gerson – “Deceived”
Sweet sounding female acoustic music. It’s okay.

Sally Brown – “El Sonido del Manana…Hoy”
2 tone ska from Madrid. Few good tunes on this album.

Salt – “Radio Station”
A punk band that kind of has that 80s/post-punk sound. Still could have been better though.

Silver Ships – “Songs From a Room That Never Moves”
Silver Ships reminds me of some classic rock bands and then other times they remind me of folk bands like The Byrds.

Sir Reg – “21st Century Loser”
Sweden Celtic punk band and this album came out 2 years ago. Sucks I’m just listening to this one now. Decent stuff!

Ska Skank Redemption – “Wicked Bees”
Another album that came out 2 years ago. Ska Skank Redemption hails from Fargo, so insert all those Fargo accent jokes here. Listen and buy the album here.

Skeletons in the Piano – “Please Don’t Die”
I must be on a 70’s psychedelic rock mailing list because I keep getting these type of albums.

Slim Loris – “Future Echoes and Past Replays”
Swedish Folky Americana music…so should we call this Swedicana?

Space March – “It Must Be Obvious”
I liked previous albums from Space March, this time he pays tributes to his influences like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Beatles, The Cure and David Bowie.

Staples in Carpet – “Delirium”
Punk rock band from Seattle that sounds like Face to Face a little.

Steven Wright-Mark – “My Plastic World”
Powerpop that doesn’t sound that bad but I’ll probably forget about this band in two seconds. Wait, what was I saying? See…already did.

Sunshine Riot – “A Fresh Bottle & A Brand New Day”
Raspy singing with one punk song, the rest sounds like grunge.

Tear Them Down – “Their Fault. Our Problem”
Finally a Swedish band that doesn’t sound like shit. And they play punk rock too!

The Diemakers – “Detroit Records”
Garage rock sounding band that makes me think of the Sonics a little.

The Feeling – “Boy Cried Wolf”
I usually like British rock but this is too poppy for my liking.

The Humanitarians – “No Law”
This band has a ska song, some folk songs, some rock songs. Each genre they decide to play I like but enjoyed that ska song “Call the Police” the most.

The Hydrothermal Vents – “Secrets of the Deep!”
Indie dance rock band from Montreal. Too artsy fartsy.

The Indecision – “New Faces”
Leeds’ The Indecision play ska/rocksteady and this album contains 7 tracks. Listen to “Sweet Girl,” “Colour Me In” and “Water.”

The One2s – “The One2s EP”
Philly post-punk. First two tracks are boring, the last two are better.

The Stereo State – “Crossing Canyons”
Hey! A melodic punk band that doesn’t suck for once! 6 tracks in total and wish it was longer.

The Suitcase Junket – “Make Time”
One Man folk band who apparently has an incredible live show. Album isn’t bad either.

The Supplement – “Step Up From Zero”
A mixture of Southern California punk rock and hard rock and roll. I like it.

The Van Burens – “The Presidential Lovefest”
Can’t really get into funk rock, at least new funk rock. There’s a couple of reggae tunes on here though.

The Well Wishers – “A Shattering Sky”
I know an album is going to be good when I don’t really skip to the next track. Catchy, melodic power pop rock that’s worth listening. Hear it here.

Mikingmihrab – “Tres Tontos”
Tres boring.

Twin Forks – “EP”
It’s Dashboard Confessional, except it’s not depressing music that little girls cut themselves to.

Uncommon Evolution – “Uncommon Evolution”
They sound like a terrible Pearl Jam cover band, that forgot they play Pearl Jam songs and tried playing something original.

Vanna Inget – “Ingen Botten”
No idea what they are saying but they sound good! Åtminstone de inte är Abba.

Vaudeville – “Vendetta”
Univalve Delved Teat

Voice of Addiction – “Modern Day Meltdown”
“Daley Struggle” sounded good on this EP, the rest was blah.

Wake Up Celebration – “Pixel Wave & Kafka Klub”
This electronic band would be good if they ditched the singing.

We Are The Last Men on Earth – “A Girl Named Never”
Sorry, Will Forte is.

Whiskey of the Damned – “Monsters Are Real”
Kudos to a Celtic rock band for not covering “Wild Rover” or “Whiskey in the Jar”

White Widow – “A Psychological Thriller”
Can this album be really called a soundtrack if it wasn’t played over a movie?

Worsel Strauss – “Unattention Economy”
Experimental electronic music that sounds like it would make for a better soundtrack than the crap I just listened to.

Zaz – “Zaz”
I love French, Jazzy pop music! Like a modern day Edith Piaf but a lot more attractive.


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