Lifeguard Nights – “Good Job, Honey”

Album Reviews | Jul 25th, 2010

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie Pop
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This is their 12th full-length release – they put out albums faster than I can review them! “Good Job, Honey” shies away from singer/songwriter stuff or anything too experimental and focuses instead on short, infectiously upbeat rockers.

As usual, the tunes here are jangly and fun, bringing to mind a beach party filled with raucous revelers rockin’ out around a bonfire, tiki drinks in hand.

I feel dirty and fanboyish for always praising these guys, but what can I say? Their output is impressive, insane, and consistently, freakishly good.

Bottom Line: 20-track set of upbeat, jangle-pop gems.
Notable Tracks: The Whip, Your Secret Club Isn’t Fair, My Ride Home, Weed Lion, The Proposition
Overall Rating:


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