Lifeguard Nights – “Punch Sky”

Album Reviews | By on Dec 14th, 2008

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie Pop
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I’ve been praising Vincent Brue’s nonstop output for awhile now, and frankly, it’s starting to make me feel uncomfortable. I’m normally a miserable person and I don’t feel *right* saying nice things on such a consistent basis. But Brue and his brood are consistently good, and, unfortunately, Punch Sky might be his best yet.

After a number of releases of off-kilter, great singer/songwriter stuff, this release has the hand-clapping, upbeat, full-band sound of his earlier group, the South Jersey Seashore Lifeguard Convention Band. The first track, Sunshine, shows where this album is going – sunny, feel-good tunes with horns, female vox, and more than a little fist-pumping Springsteen swagger.

Once again, another competent and pleasing release from this prolific artist. Hopefully they’ll be discovered soon so I won’t be the only one sounding like a sycophant.

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