Lifeguard Nights – “So Lower”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 8th, 2008

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie
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I groaned when I got this. I dig Vincent Brue and his Lifeguard Nights output, which is comprised of about 500 singer/songwriter and alt-folk/alt-indie albums released this year, but there is something called the Law of Diminishing Returns.

You enjoy something a lot at first, but the more of it you get, the less you like it. It’s like eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups nonstop. The first one is incredible. The second still pretty good. By the time you get to the 35th or 36th… okay, this is a bad example because I love Reese’s. But you get the drift.

Thankfully, the album starts off with a scorcher, “The Kids Ain’t Alright”, a rocker that grabs you right away. The next one is a quieter singer/songwriter affair, but short and sweet and quite good. The next, “Torn in the USA”, is a wonderfully upbeat heartland rock tune that immediately possessed my toe to tap. And so on and so forth.

In a way, I was hoping this would be bad so I wouldn’t have to keep praising this guy. I mean, cmon, this is getting embarrassing. But as prolific as he is, I have to admit he’s consistent and competent. This album didn’t wow the pants off me, but it’s yet another solid and satisfying offering of jangle-pop, off-kilter pop, melancholy singer/songwriter, and twangy alt-folk.

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