Luciano- “United States of Africa”

Album Reviews | Aug 28th, 2010

Genre: Reggae
Record Label: VP Records

Jah Messenger, Luciano, back with another outstanding effort, with “United States of Africa.” Many before Luciano have preached peace, tolerance, and unity, and Luciano continues to deliver this message to the masses. Soulful and one of Reggae’s legends has such smooth vocals you sit and sway and just enjoy every single note. Luciano time and time again puts everything into making such a strong and solid record, that each record surpasses previous best sellers like “Sweep Over My Soul” and “New Day.” “United States of Africa,” is no different and can be argued this record is Luciano’s best one yet!

Luciano, like all his records, tries to sing about the world’s troubles and educate the audience on what is going on. Songs like “In this Recession,” is about the Global recession and how so many families are struggling to maintain out there. Luciano’s focus of this record is primarily Africa. More than ever, the continent is struggling and Luciano urges the countries of Africa to unite, rise up and stop the civil war, famine, and destruction of one another. Songs like “Murder and Thief,” “A No Like We No Like Them,” and “Footstool” were my favorites on the record, yet the whole record is beautiful.

Bottom Line: United States of Africa is an excellent record that just proves that Luciano is at the top of the Hierarchy of Reggae Music
Notable Tracks: United States of Africa, Murder and Thief, Be Aware, Footstool, A No Like We No Like Them, Another Terrorist Attack


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