Luciano – “Write My Name”

Album Reviews | Dec 21st, 2010

Record Label: Footprintz Music Group Inc
Genre: Reggae

Luciano, Jah Messenger, is back with another record in 2010! “Write My Name,” is a follow up to his last record “United States of Africa,” which was a successful return for the legendary Reggae artist. With “Write My Name,” it just proves one artist can have two excellent records in the same year.

“Write My Name” gets started with “Taking Off” and it’s one of Luciano’s best songs in years! “Taking Off” is very catchy and you’ll be humming it all day long, believe me. The title track is another solid song and it even makes me wonder that this independent release is superior to his recent release this summer on VP Records. Still, both records are great and you can make a big ole’ Luciano sandwich and listen to both!

Bottom Line: Excellent new release featuring some solid songs!
Notable Tracks: Taking Off, Write My Name, Aba Father, Disaster
Overall Rating:


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