Mark Foggo – “Mad”

Album Reviews | Sep 11th, 2010

Mark Foggo Mad CD Review

Record Label: V2 Records
Genre: Ska
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The infamous Mark Foggo has released another brand new album of bouncy, bizarre ska songs. His previous albums have been hit or miss for me but nothing will compare to Ska Pig. That’s just one incredible ska album! Don’t worry rude boys and rude girls, Mad has your fair share of ska songs to dance to!

The first two tracks (“The Day I Met Muhammad Ali,” “Caravans”) are a bit weird in style for me but it’s not until the third song “Bang Me Head” where I get into the album. The fourth song “Rotten To The Core” is something completely different than what we are used to hearing from Mark Foggo. It’s a rockabilly style song; I thought I was listening to Brian Setzer for a minute. Mark Foggo isn’t afraid to step out of the norm and try something different or sing about something silly.

Musically, the band sounds tight and I particularly love the horns on this album. It’s something about hearing the baritone sax that I love. The bari sax is heard in songs like “Sugarlover” and “Punch.” Those particular songs are probably my favorite on the album as well. Mark Foggo just knows how to create catchy ska music.

Bottom Line: Another solid album from Mr. Mark Foggo
Notable Tracks: Bang Me Head, Sugarlover, Punch
Overall Rating:


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