Matty Effin Morison – “Hit The Bigtime”

Album Reviews | By on Feb 4th, 2013

Record Label: N/A
Genre: Punk

Self-described as the “best band in the world”, Matty Effin Morison come off as more of a second rate NOFX than anything else.

Hailing from Australia, I really don’t see how the lead singer has a British accent like Johnny Rotten and why he tries to sound so snotty like Ben Weasel singing into a tin can. That sound becomes redundant and quite honestly makes “Hit the Bigtime” unlistenable at times. Top that off with the fact that there are almost a half dozen NOFX references in their song titles alone…”Kids Of The Bulbhole” and “Stranger Than Stranger Than Fishin’” to point out the obvious.

Musically, Matty Effin Morison is decent enough, but “Hit the Bigtime” is pretty much the base common denominator of snotty punk rock. There really isn’t anything other than that.

Bottom Line: Mostly forgettable snot nosed punk rock from the land down under
Notable Tracks: Gay Rights and Wrongs, I Don’t Know What The Motor League Is
Overall Rating:


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