Memories in the Broken Glass – “Enigma Infinite”

Album Reviews | By on Jan 18th, 2017

Memories In The Broken Glass - Enigma Infinite

Record Label: Hammer Forged Records
Genre: Metal, Djent
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This is an up and coming Djent/Metal band from San Antonio Texas. It’s kind of interesting to hear a sound like this coming from Texas as usually you think of Pantera and not stuff like Periphery.

The band feels like it leans to the more radio-friendly portions of Periphery, coming off as a less Dream Theater-y version with far more focus on the melodic side and less with scales and runs. If anything on “As the Tables Turn” comes off in portions more like the rock stylings of Coheed and Cambria. The bulk of the material is masked by this electronic keyboard element, at times this overshadows a lot of the music and you just want it to chill out for a bit to soak in what else is going on instrumentally with the guitars, drums, vocals, and bass. A lot of the material is clean sung but songs like “Echos of Command” and “The Constant” are as heavy as they get.

The album closes out with “Ember” which seems a bit formulaic similar to what Periphery did on their last album. On the plus side it seems to be a bit more listenable than other bands boasted in the press release like Tesseract. The music is a lot more direct and less moody which is a bit welcoming with bands that fancy themselves with the “progressive” genre moniker. One minor gripe with the song titles is I’m not sure if there’s an inside joke, but 2 song titles “A Millian Voices” and “Echos of Command” are misspelled.

Bottom Line: While it’s a decent release they aren’t doing anything other bands haven’t done. This really feels like a Periphery light, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It is a great band to try to measure up to, but as a new band you have to aspire to bring something other bands aren’t, and while it might work on the local level, nationally is another story.
Notable Tracks: The Constant, Contrast of Despair, Echos of Command
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