Mercy Killers “Bloodlove”

Album Reviews | Mar 30th, 2007

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Punk
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This album came out last June so I’m just a little bit behind in reviewing albums these days. But I don’t mind reviewing this since some people (like myself) might not have heard the Mercy Killers before. Judging from the album cover, I was expecting some wimpy screamo/emo band but this wasn’t the case. The band does have a dark side but that’s more like The Damned than say, Thursday.

Mercy Killers was formed by guitarist Craig Fairbaugh, who’s also in the post Blink 182 band +44. Fairbaugh also toured with the Transplants as well. This album is actually pretty good because the songs aren’t that long, they aren’t bad, and there’s nothing really wrong with the band. The vocals of Fairbaugh sounds similar to the vocals of the defunct punk band Ann Beretta (which is a good thing I think). The Mercy Killers have a straight forward, 80s/90s punk sound that many will dig. I was expecting to hate this but ended up liking it. Worth a listen or two.

Bottom Line: Impressive Hellcat debut!
Notable Tracks: Hollow, I’m Not Wasted
Overall Rating: