Merge Left “Divided Nation”

Album Reviews | Jun 28th, 2007

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Genre: Punk
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Just when I thought that the days of the no-nonsense political punk rock band were numbered, Merge Left shows up with “Divided Nation” and reminds me that there are a few young, political anarchists still out there.

What you won’t find on “Divided Nation”: Songs about ex-girlfriends, a duet with a country singer, ska, emo and acoustic guitar songs (thankfully). What you will find on “Divided Nation”: aggressive, political minded punk rock similar to same category bands such as Anti-Flag and Propagandhi. At no point does this album let up to give you a chance to catch your breath.

With song titles like “Democrazy”, “Piggy Piggy GOP”, “Modern Slavery”, and “World Bank”, you get the gist of where this band is coming from. Top those song titles off with machine gun drumming, buzz saw guitars and solos that could peal the paint off of your walls, and you have yourself one fast and furious punk rock album with a message.

Merge Left has come out of left field with something that we need more of, intelligent punk rock with a message about the state of our country today. The state of our country is shit right now and someone needs to write fast two-minute punk songs about it. Thank you Merge Left and keep up the good work sirs.

Bottom Line: Political punk rock that will kick your ass!
Notable Tracks: Leaving, World Bank, Millennium Challenge, Unjustified
Overall Rating: