Michael Kamen “Band Of Brothers”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Michael Kamen finally got another score that’s worth listening to. Xmen was all right but could have been a lot better and should have used the main theme more. The main theme for Band Of Brothers is really beautiful and sad. It fits the miniseries perfectly and people will know what theme that is once they hear it again. The theme uses a soft melody with a choir, for all of you that haven’t seen the show. The song that was in the previews isn’t on the score but it’s from Legends of The Fall. That song from Legends of The Fall is a great piece of music, and I strongly recommend the CD for classical lovers. I have a few comments about the miniseries Band Of Brothers. I think Tom Hanks and Spielberg hit this right on the money. This is far better than Saving Private Ryan, and that movie was great too. For me, it’s tough to watch the episodes more than once. I can’t believe this stuff was real. What made Band Of Brothers better than Saving Private Ryan was you got an in depth look at each character and how they saw the war. Plus it took you from boot camp to the end of the war. The second to last episode was one of the toughest episodes to watch because the men of Easy Company discover a concentration camp and it brought tears to my eyes, even after that episode was over. I definitely think this miniseries will win awards. Back to the score, Obviously all of the tracks couldn’t be on this Cd because Kamen recorded over 10 hours of music. The tracks that are the best besides the “Main Theme” are “Suite One, “Suite Two,” “Requiem” and “Austria.” I recommend getting this score if you like soft classical and especially if you like the miniseries Band Of Brothers.

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