Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Live at the Middle East”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Mercury Records
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SkaCore mainstream artists back this time with a live album. Bosstones were hesitant about it since they want to be known as a live band. I like the album although, an intricate part of the band Ben Carr the bosstone who dances for every song is obviously absent from the recording. Without Ben on the records hurts it because he such a big part of the band. They have 22 songs of everyone’s favorites on here. This album was pushed back for weeks and now is finally out. They added every radio lovers favorite song “Impression that I get,” near the end of it’s release. With the release of this record the Bosstones received a star on Boston’s music walk of fame, hall of fame or whatever it is. Now they are up their with Aerosmith and Gwar joking . Overall this album is very good and I recommend going to their shows first and foremost then buy the cd.

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