Mother Mother – “O My Heart”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 21st, 2008

Record Label: Last Gang Records
Genre: Indie
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It’s fun when I hear a good song on the radio (okay, CBC Radio 3 podcast) and enjoy it enough to want to hear the album, and then through some sort of good karma/blind luck, get it in my batch of promos. I hadn’t really heard of Vancouver’s Mother Mother until recently, but I’m quite glad I have heard them now.

Their sound is a bit reminiscent of the New Pornographers, with a bit of Pavement, Magic Numbers, and a whole lot of other jangly indie rock bands, but where Mother Mother really come into their own is their songwriting. What amazes me about each song on the disc is that they seem like simple pop songs, but there is an exciting complexity to the tracks, and with multiple singers, the album flows smoothly and with great energy. The band’s male singer sounds a bit like Destroyer’s Dan Bejar, and his lyrics often share a similar irreverence.

I think that with a band like this, you can go either way when you hear it for the first time. On the one hand, it’s filled with great passion and energy, and throws pop hooks at every turn. On the other hand, some of the songs are not as immediately accessible as one might hope; it took me a couple of listens to some the songs to really pick up the nuances, but once I did, I was glad. This is one of those discs that grows on you and gets better with each listen.

Bottom Line: Great songwriting and a fun delivery. Absolutely worth a listen or two.
Notable Tracks: O My Heart, Body of Years, Wisdom
Overall Rating:


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