Mower- “Mower”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Suburban Noize Records
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I don’t know what starts off that Cd but it sounded weird to me. This is straight up metal/hardcore featuring 2 singers screaming and singing. It’s fast and makes you want to headbang your mullet, well you might not have a mullet but you get the idea. The CD quality is very polished and it makes the band sound great. I’m curious to see how they sound live. There’s some songs that aren’t as good as others but that’s like that for any CD. Plus I like when they just scream and not sing. That’s just how I like my metal and hardcore to be. Check it out, you might dig this.

Bottom Line: Fast Metal/Hardcore with 2 singers that’s actually pretty cool.
Notable Tracks: “Wrestling With The Pig” “Pieces”
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