Neil Young – “Fork In The Road”

Album Reviews | Apr 16th, 2009

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Record Label: Reprise Records
Genre: Rock
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Any Neil Young release should be greeted with open arms and “Fork In The Road” is no exception. Yes, it is somewhat of a “concept” album. Any fan of Neil Young’s will know of his real love of automobiles, you just have to visit to get an idea! So its not that much of a surprise that this release has come along. Songs devoted to cars, being on the road, going places – you get the idea.

The Album kicks off with the Riff-heavy “When Worlds Collide,” which finds Neil “Floating along on the Rio Grand, Coca Cola in my hand,” lyrics not exactly up there with, say “Thrasher” from Live Rust. Regardless, this is Neil Young having fun singing about his beloved automobiles whilst rocking out at the same time, which is totally fine with this reviewer, especially when the songs are as catchy and rocking as “Just singing a song,” “Behind the Wheel” and the title track “Fork In The Road.”

Neil keeps the politics to a minimum here, especially when compared to his 2006 release “Living With War,” though musically the 2 albums are similar. The two Political songs here would be “Fuel Line” which is about car manufacturers claiming to be green, but really aren’t at all. Not as likely to ruffle as many feathers as, say “Lets Impeach The President” from the aforementioned “Living With War” album. The title track “Fork In the Road” also has some political statements in it, “There’s a bail-out coming, but its not for you” and Neil does something in this song he rarely does-curses (at least twice)! Though, the pace of the songs rollicks along nicely, the one exception that fans of the Country/Folk side of Neils music is “Light A Candle” which is a nice and welcome change in pace and a reminder how seemingly easily Neil can switch genres.

All in all “Fork In The Road” is very enjoyable, and is an album that was made for road trips, and for playing in your rig/car….at close to maximum volume. Rock On.

Notable Tracks: “When Worlds Collide”, “Fuel Line” , “Light A Candle”, “Fork In The Road”.
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