Nerf Herder “American Cheese”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Honest Don’s Records
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When I opened the mail and saw this inside the neat little package from Fat Wreck, I was excited. I’ve heard a couple songs from this one off comps and stuff, and I liked what I heard earlier. It’s true that I’m not a big pop fan, that I usually like harder and more intricate bands, but I think I can reevaluate my tastes after these guys. What can I say? This is just one of those CD’s that’s a lot of fun to listen to; pop punk at it’s best. It shows that there’s still some good out there in the scene these days. It’s just really catchy music.

Bottom Line: Well, if you like some of the crap on the radio, and you wanna hear a band do it right, pick this up.
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