Nerf Herder “My EP”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Honest Dons
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Want a GOOD pop punk CD? Then check out this one. It’s a rerelease of one of Nerf Herder’s older EP’s and it’s definitely a lot of fun. With their interesting lyrics and catchy hooks, Nerf Herder never seem to fail. This EP is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, with sing along songs like “Hotel California” (not a cover), “I’ve got a Boner for Xmas,” and the Offspring meets Weird Al sounding “Love Sandwich” you won’t want to stop listening to this one folks!

Bottom Line: I’d like to think, it’s a lot of fun
Notable Tracks: “Hotel California,” “Love Sandwich,” “Nikki Webster”
Overall Rating: