None More Black – “Icons”

Album Reviews | Dec 12th, 2010

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Punk Rock
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None More Black are back with a new drummer and a new album called Icons. Icons is NMB’s third studio album on Fat Wreck Chords and this should please their fans, considering they haven’t recorded anything in a few years.

For someone who’s clueless about the music scene, I thought None More Black called it the quits. I guess they were just on hiatus? Shows how much I know but honestly, hiatus/breaking up, it seems like the same thing to me. They regrouped basically. Jason Shevchuk’s vocals have gotten less whinier now, and sound rougher & matured. I wonder if he’s been listening to the Ducky Boys?

I wouldn’t even classify None More Black as hardcore, but they definitely border on punk and just plain rock. It seems with each album, the group slows it down and thinks about the songs and how they are going to be played. No more barreling through a song just for the sake of being fast & loud. But don’t worry, they still have plenty of fast songs on Icons. Songs that stood out to me are below, but I particularly liked the track “StillsSternLange&Norris” because it had a bit of a rockabilly sound to it. Overall, this album is good but felt it could have been better in spots.

Bottom Line: Decent album but not really memorable
Notable Tracks: StillsSternLange&Norris, When Mickey Died, Gary Page One In Pink
Overall Rating:


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