O Pioneers!!! “Neon Creeps”

Album Reviews | Feb 22nd, 2009

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Record Label: Asian Man Records
Genre: Post-Punk
Band Link: Link

Standard post-punk with good, gruffy HWM-ish vocals.  Straight-forward indie rock accompaniment does away with spazzy, abrasive, and stop-and-go annoyances, but they could stand to be more peppy.

Song titles are goofy and lyrics are run-of-the-mill observations that life is tough and stressful, but, hey, we gotta get through it.   Still, this is a genre where it’s easy to be terrible, and O Pioneers!!! is solidly decent, if by means of being bland.

Bottom Line: A flat Fugazi for today’s mopesters.
Notable Tracks: Dead City Sound
Overall Rating:


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