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Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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If you like old-skool/oi punk rock this Cd is for you. It is a compilation on Disaster Records that features such punk rock veterans as The Distillers, The Gadjits, U.S. Bombs, Union 13, and The River City Rebels. This album has 31 tracks of intense punk rock that makes you feel like you are at a Crass, Buzzcocks, Ramones, or Sex Pistols show. It features bands from the United States, Argentina, Austria, and Germany. The Distillers play “Warriors” about tearing things down and driving the politicians insane. I was honestly really surprised at how awesome this compilation sounds. Looking on the back Cd cover U saw many bands I never heard of, but now I that I have heard them I’m very impressed. The Gadjits mix up the old-school punk rock feeling with injecting a little “Leawood Rock” into the system. What can I say about track 15 of this Cd besides that the U.S. Bombs absolutely rock. They belt out “Club Stick” which is definitely one of the highlights of this already energetic compilation. When Union 13 came on I really didn’t know what to expect since I really haven’t heard much of their material before. They play “Goin’ Through This” which is a fast paced, highly emotional, energetic song that would start a mosh pit at any show. To round out this group of punk-rock allstars is The River City Rebels shouting “Life Of A Rebel”! Rap-core at it’s best……. best summarizes this song. Great trumpet parts, old school Rancid like vocals, and lots of Hey Hey Hey’s. If you are an old-school punk rocker this album is a must buy.

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