Orbital – “Pusher”

Album Reviews | By on Feb 3rd, 2013

Record Label: Silva Screen Records
Genre: Film Score
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Pusher takes place in London and is about a big-time drug dealer who enjoys his life until it’s turn upside down. Starring in the movie is Richard Coyle, desperately trying to take on another dark role just so the general public doesn’t always associate him with Jeff on Coupling. Sorry Richard, you’ll always be Jeff Murdock to me.

The soundtrack or score for the movie is done by British electronica band Orbital. I’m not really too familiar with Orbital’s music but I have heard of their name. The Pusher Theme is probably my favorite track on the album because it’s got a good beat, and seems like it would be fitting for this type of movie. “Driving and Clubbing” is kind of annoying, but “Cutting and Doing” is a better sounding song that doesn’t have obnoxious British girls singing over it. A lot of the tracks are quiet & ominous, and then others are loud and sometimes over the top/annoying. I’m not really a fan of electronica music but it does work with certain movies. I think Daft Punk’s score for Tron Legacy was outstanding but this score is just okay.

Bottom Line: An okay score from Orbital
Notable Tracks: The Pusher Theme, Cutting and Doing
Overall Rating:


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