Peacocks “It’s Time For”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Asian Man
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I’m been waiting to hear this new album because I download their single “Warning” off Asian Man’s website and been playing it nonstop. It’s just a great tune. If you haven’t heard of the Peacocks now, they are a punk rockabilly band from Switzerland and have dabbled in other genres like ska as well. They’ve been on Asian Man Records for a few albums now and I believe they were on Jump Up Records at one point. This album they seem to venture more into the punk realm and not the rockabilly realm, which is fine but the reason why I started to like the band was the rockabilly sound. They still play it, it’s just not as prominent as other albums. This album is still freakin’ great though and I recommend it.

Bottom Line: Rockabilly punk that’s cool as shit! Well shit isn’t cool, kind of steamy. Ok I’ll stop.
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