Peter Tosh “The Best of Peter Tosh: Scrolls of the Prophet”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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A Record looking back at one of the greatest and unappreciated reggae artists ever. He always lived behind the shadow of Bob Marley, even when they performed together in the Wailers. He was Jamaica’s Malcolm X and I certainly learned a lot from the bio in the cd jacket as well as the special on him on VH1: Behind the Music. Reggae Fans definitely try and catch that the next time it’s on. I hardly new Peter Tosh, and this special opened my mind to this popular, powerful performer. Back to the record. I really like this cd. So many songs that mean something on here like “Equal Rights,” “Get Up, Stand Up,” and a song about the legalization of ganja, in “Legalize It.” If you are a reggae fan, this should be a part of your collection.

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