Pietasters “All Day”

Album Reviews | Jul 8th, 2007

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Record Label: Indication Records
Genre: Ska/Soul
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After a semi-disappointing disc in “Turbo”, the Pietasters are back with an album that would fit right in between “Oolooloo” and “Willis”.

What I like most about this album is that, unlike with “Turbo” the Pietasters soul sound is mixed in with the ska and comes in smaller doses. The overuse of soul and mellow rocksteady made “Turbo” the Pietasters most lackluster effort to date. On “All Day” the Pietasters lean heavily on their ska sound. Gone are the days of them throwing in a punk song or two, but I never really considered them a ska/punk band anyway. Also gone are their numerous tunes about getting wasted and hanging out at the local pub (well…not entirely). The songwriting over the past two albums is much more mature with some of their best overall songs showing up on “All Day”. That probably lends itself to Jorge Pezzimenti, their current bassist whom seems to have pretty much taken over most of the songwriting chores. “Don’t Wanna Know” a particularly fast two tone song is about a possessive relationship while “Late Night Call” is about swallowing your pride and not making a fool of yourself to the one you love.

Not to categorize “All Day” as a Slackers album, the Pietasters bring some new influences to the table. “So Long” sounds an awful lot like a Kinks song while “Ordinary” sounds like something that you would hear in the Motown top 10 during its’ heydays. They even throw in a slow ska cover of Tom Petty’s “Listen To Her Heart” just for the hell of it.

After what seemed like a small decline in the Pietasters sound with “Turbo”, I found myself enjoying the mellow mood and overall vibe of “All Day”. With songs like “Don’t Wanna Know”, “Dream Of You”, “Late Night Call” and “Oolooloo”, I already envision myself listening to this album a few dozen times a week. It’s pretty damn good and I think that everyone should taste a slice of this pie. You won’t be disappointed.

Bottom Line: The Pietasters went old school with this one.
Notable Tracks: Don’t Wanna Know, Late Night Call, Dream Of You, Listen To Her Heart, Oolooloo
Overall Rating: