Pistol Grip – “Tear It All Down!”

Album Reviews | Sep 7th, 2008

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Record Label: BYO
Genre: Punk
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Why the hell are there so few bands that can do simple punk that rocks my ass? What is so fucking hard?

This is simple punk. It’s not like it’s King Crimson. Until the rest of you get your act together and stop screwing around with the emo, metalcore, garage, and indie garbage, I’m just going to listen to this album.

Not a bad song on here; it’s all fun, energetic straight-up punk with street punk “whoa-ohh” singalong catchiness and ’77 British punk attitude. Great production, the band sounds fantastic and the vocals (as Bryan pointed out) sound a bit like Paul Weller. More bands should sound like this, and it’s pathetic that I had to sit through 200 crappy emo and indie bands that call themselves “punk” before I got to one that actually deserves the term. PG gives me hope for the future of punk rock.

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